Sunday, November 23, 2008

Color Answers

A few days ago I posted about color associations with feelings. While I think you can clearly live in Germany happily without knowing these, occasionally, this might make your life easier if you are at the point where you are learning German expressions. For example, they obviously don't use the term "green with envy!" Here are the answers for Germany according to a book on German culture I have. Were your answers the same? Did any of the answers surprise you?
  1. envy - yellow
  2. hope - green
  3. sadness - blue
  4. knowledge -yellow
  5. peace - green
  6. secrets - purple
  7. Death - purple
  8. Isolation - purple
  9. Attention or Warning - orange
  10. Love - red
  11. DRUNK - Blue
Update (thanks to black dog for pointing this out) Warning -The expression in English that "I am blue" meaning sad does not translate. Ich bin blau means you are drunk!

Note: I recognize that some Germans might disagree with the above and that is ok. Germany is a big country just as not all Americans would agree on color associations either!


Yelli said...

The envy really surprised me. I have trouble thinking of envy anything other than green.

Otherwise, naturlich, Liebe is rot!

black dog said...

when saying that i "felt blue" to a german, i was asked, "drunk?".

Yelli said...

@ black dog - You are totally right. The expression "Ich bin blau" or "I am feeling blue" is totally different in US and Germany. Here is means drunk as you found out! I am curious and will have to find a German friend to ask her the difference.