Monday, November 3, 2008

das Wildschwein (Wild Pig) und Die Eule (the Owl)

When I heard there was going to be a Wildschwein (wild pig) Roast in Berlin, we cleared our schedule and headed up to Pankow. (an area in Berlin in the northeast for those not familiar)

It was too be held at the Berliner Fischmarkt in Pankow. Fresh fish in Berlin is not that common but I know of 2 good places to find it. Rogacki, (which is RIGHT near my house) and Berliner Fischmarkt. I hadn't been there yet so I thought it would be a good idea to check it out. We called our friends J and K, (who ironically recently had a mystery meat party) to come with.

It was a bit chilly so Baby Bird put on his favorite Vitamin R hat. (if you are not from Seattle-you are not going to get this joke)

The Wildschwein was a little underwhelming being held in a parking lot.
However, the wildschwein was being roasted over a pit right near us. It was so tender and delicious, we ate it before I could take a picture! In saying that, I feel fairly certain that everyone has seen pig meat before so don't be too disappointed...

As were were sitting there enjoying (us) bier and (baby bird) water, I happened to see something odd out of the corner of my eye.

That owl is real if you can't tell.
The grumpy man who had brought the owl had attracted a lot of attention so I am guessing it was strange, even for Germans, to see an owl in Berlin. Previously, these were the only owls I have seen in Berlin so far.

After that, we explored the fish market. We posed in front of this lovely crustacean.

Fish and Wildschwein! Lecker!

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