Sunday, November 2, 2008

Film Crew on my street!

What were they filming? Was it Bradgelina in Quentin Tarotino's new film Inglorious Bastards who are filming in Berlin on my street?
The sound crew

The girls on the right (with the brown and orange bags) were extras and kept walking in circles next to the car. Wouldn't they think that someone might notice the same "trendy girls" keep walking by the car? Maybe it was a show about stalkers?!?!?

The 3 people in front of the van with the trunk door open (you can't really see them that well but the guy with the red hooded sweatshirt is one of them) were the stars. They shot these scene a few times and had to keep organizing the groceries on the cart in front of them every single time they reshot the scene. Tedious! looked more like a teeny-bopper show to me!

Dang....maybe Bragelina will show up next time!

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