Monday, November 3, 2008

Random Halloween Photos

This past week was very hectic and so here is my take on "How to Spend Halloween in a Country that doesn't Really Celebrate Halloween."

HalloweenFest at Botansicher Garten. His first face painting! (The Scientist asked for whiskers and explained some bats have whiskers. I put the kabah on that idea)

We carved pumpkins. Baby Bird got his own special pumpkin. Like my parents used to say, you can have the pumpkin if you can carry it! (I am sure I am not the only one who had the rule though...anyone?)

The Scientist was enjoying it too much while Baby Bird is just thinking "Are we done yet?"

Our finished pumpkins which were displayed on our balcony. Many Germans stopped in front of our building to stare at our lit Jack-o-Lanterns. Oddly enough, the pumpkins below were both the same price even though one was 3 times bigger than the other. I got them both for 5 Euros!

At the Halloween Party for English speaking kids. (They don't really do trick or treating here in Germany so this was a good substitute)

Playing in the colorful balls
making ghosts!

Who is having more fun here? (Although Baby Bird was more interested in his treat bag and I couldn't get him to look at the camera for ANYTHING)
One way to spend Halloween in Germany!


Cap11C said...

Wow! Nice costume for the scientist!

Yelli said...

Yea...impressive huh? (in our defense, they don't really sell many Halloween costumes here and Halloween past costumes were low on our priority of things to take with!) The hat looks cute though! :)