Monday, November 24, 2008

Travel Blogs: Hit or Miss

I know sometimes that reading others wonderful vacations may not be the most fun blog entries (I keep thinking of that Simpsons where Patti and Selma show their vacation pics to the Simpsons) but I wrote about Belgium for a couple of reasons.
  1. The Grandparents - I at least owe them this after taking their grandchild halfway around the world!
  2. Information in case you do visit Belgium
I love being able to search all of the blogs I read for insight and tips that I may not know about (especially if I don't have friends there!) so THANK YOU! Please keep posting!

But now I need your help. We are flying to Paris in March. I feel like it would be easier to travel somewhere small. I am OVERWHELMED with tips. The more information I read, the worse off I feel! Anybody have advice about where to stay (in what part) AND specifically where to stay in Paris? We are on a budget and have a young child! Feel free to comment or email me privately if you have any ideas. (you can find my email on my profile)

Go ahead and please let me know. I trust you!


cliff1976 said...

Hey Yelli, we're traveling to Paris this week — if my hunch is right, we got the same airfare deal.

We too are looking for Paris tips. Sarah and I have managed to whittle the enormous list down over at this page:

Blogging Mama said...

I've been to Paris a few times (twice with kids) and I am taking my mom in Dec as well. We've stayed in several spots (it really depends what you want to see/do). For Disney we stayed at the Golden Tulip outside Paris- Marne la Valle Chessy, 30 mins to Paris or so (train is down the street) and only one stop to Disney. Not super plush but clean, roomy for Paris and excellent bakery around the corner. Good on the wallet too!
We stayed in Paris (Marriott Arc d'Triomphe) on a splurge a few years ago. Obviously very nice hotel but the location was great. About a ten minute walk to the Champs Elysees.
In Dec we are staying at TimHotel a few steps from the Louvre - and it was only 90€ a night! (?) I think they have a lot of different places in Paris. They are budget but nice and recommended by Frommers travel guides.
I just got a book on Paris for my trip so email me for tips if you like or I can tell you what we did when we went for kid friendly stuff (Like Hippo restaurants, yeah it's a chain but they do kid foods there)
Have fun!

Blogging Mama said...

I thought of one more thing. In Paris restaurants won't usually open till at least 7 for dinner. So if your kiddo is anything like ours and eats by 5:30-6 that may be an issue. Cafes will be open and you can get decent fair for dinner that way (sandwiches, some other dinner-ish items)
Another blogger that lives in Paris is Leesa and she was kind enough to email me tips of places to take my mom. She doesn't have kids but she could probably help you out.
If you leave her a comment with what you need, she'll get back to you.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

We went to Paris last May. Loved it. We have a 4 year old and are quite sensitive to traveling with him. This time we stayed in a Best Western on the Left Bank just off the Rue St Germain. It was nice and included breakfast.

We found the Parisians very easy going with children. The restaurants (not the really ritzy ones, but the normal ones) were very accommodating.

And mass issue if you're used to it.

As for sight seeing...always go early...less lines for the small one to wait in :)