Sunday, November 2, 2008

Unplug your Kids -Flag

For this week's project at Unplug your Kids, the theme was flag this week. (Finally a noun I can work with!) Considering we are not in the US right now, we made the obvious - an American flag!

First we cut out stars with our new star hole puncher. Hey I knew those would come in handy! We counted 50!

Then we made 50 glue marks with a toothpick that had been dipped in glue. It was easier to make the glue dots smaller this way. Here is Baby Bird being messy helping to make the glue dots.

Then, we cut out 7 strips of red construction paper. Baby Bird liked to play with these by flipping them all around.

We helped Baby Bird glue them on to the white construction paper. He concentrated very hard on making sure they were pasted down tightly enough! Baby Bird enjoyed counting the stripes in English and ironically also in German.

After waiting a bit to dry, we were done!

We hung it on our window to make our German neighbors think we are even more weird show our support for the upcoming election!

We had wanted to also make a German flag but Baby Bird has a cold right now and took an early AND long nap today so we will perhaps do this soon and I can update this post.


juliekintaiwan said...

Shape punches are so much fun. Great project.

Gottfredsen said...

Great flag. I do not think that I would have had the patience to punch out 50 stars then glue them all on. Good Job.

Bobbie said...

that flag is neat... we have a tricky union jack in our flag.. to hard to cut out.. ha ha hahah

The Sugar Fairy said...

The flag turnout out great and it looks like Baby Bird had fun. Hope he gets better soon :)