Thursday, December 18, 2008

Funny Foto Freitag - Dr. Suess edition

Mmmm...The Germans love their cheese! In fact, traditionally they eat it twice a day. Once in the morning for breakfast and for dinner, both with assorted breads.

But Green Cheese? Where is my Green Ham and Green Eggs?

Pesto Gouda Cheese

When I asked Baby Bird if it tasted good, this is how he replied:

Guess that is a YES!


Snooker said...

I saw some in the store a few days ago, but wasn't in the market for any cheese at that time, so didn't get any. How cool you did! I'm still waiting to HEAR how it tastes.

Yelli said...

It is really good. We have already made green cheese Frittata, green grilled cheese & green Käsespätzle! If you see it again, I would highly recommended picking it up...that is if you don't mind the green color!