Saturday, December 20, 2008

Maybe it is the Ricola?

For the past month or so, the alarms would go off when I walked through a store. When I walked in, they would go off. When I walked out, they would go off...and I would get my bags and pockets thoroughly checked. When I go into department stores, the alarms go off on (almost) every floor.

The Germans are surprisingly chill about this which confirms my not-scientifically-tested belief that Germany is the safest country to live in. They do almost always search but they are almost embarrassed to do so and are so polite about it.

This has provided me with anxiety about leaving the house not to mention the embarrassment and the TEASING from friends and family that comes with this problem.

Me: I can't do the Christmas shopping this year
The Scientist: Why???
Me: All of the stores think I am a shoplifter
The Scientist: (smirking and pausing) well, are you?

The store personnel or security would also search me. I, of course, had nothing there but I do carry some Ricola cough drops with me for this blasted cold/cough. (which I feel like I have had for 1 month now) Curiously, these cough drops were blamed by all who searched me.

However, last week, a fine clerk at DM finally helped me. She said that sometimes older cosmetics can cause the alarms to go off and she scanned my bag through her check out scanner.

For the record, I only have some lip balm in a metal tin which I bought almost a year ago in my bag which is now thrown away.

Since then, Ich klingle nicht!

So, THANK YOU anonymous worker! You have certainly found a customer for life!


Kimber.G. said...

omg, that is CRAZY! I didn't even know that could happen!

me said...

That used to happen to me all the time. I think it was my cell phone. Very embarassing.

I went to the English service at Frauenkirche last night. The choir sounded lovely :)

christina said...

That's too funny! Now you can finally shop in peace. :-)

Yelli said...

@ Kimber - Yes, I didn't know it could happen either. I kept blaming my cell phone too until one day when I forgot my cell phone and I still beeped. I wish I didn't have to learn everything the hard way!

@ me - It was very embarrassing! I blush very easily anyways!

Also, I am glad you could come and that you enjoyed the singing.

@Christina - I have to admit, I put a lot of shopping off. In fact, I have to go finish a few today! I am SO relieved the mystery is solved!