Monday, December 15, 2008

Sankt Nicklaus Tag

We recently celebrated Sankt Nicklaus Tag. This is a holiday celebrated on Dec. 6 traditionally. (and yes this is a VERY late post!)

Here are some step-by-step directions to help you celebrate it if you are not familiar with this European holiday!

STEP 1: Find the biggest show you have (So Sankt Nicklaus can fit lots more stuff!) Then you have to clean your shoes really well!

STEP 2: (only if you are 2) you act really silly and throw your cloth at the boot and of course laugh hysterically.
STEP 3: you can put your shoe outside of the door in hopes that if you were a good child, he will leave you sweets, nuts and an orange. If you were bad, he will bring you a branch!
STEP 4: Wait and go to sleep! Will Sankt Nicklaus bring Baby Bird sweets or a branch?
STEP 5: Wake up and literally run to the door to see what he brought you!

STEP 6: Open the door and tell you parents "Nein, do it myself." Continue trying to open the locked door for 2 more min and then finally ask for help.

STEP 7: YEA, What did he bring!?!?!

STEP 8: Hold up only chocolate Santa and Stegosaurus ball because you are so excited! (He was also given an orange, nuts and spekulatius cookies.)


Great idea Sankt Nicklaus! Give a bouncy ball to a 2YO to throw in the house!

Our first Sankt Nicklaus Tag...SUCCESS!

soon to do they celebrate Sankt Nicklaus in other countries in Europe???


Afferent Input said...

Saint Nikolaus day isn't as cute in The Netherlands as it is in Deutschland. At least when you consider Zwarte Piet

PapaScott said...

We do American Nikolaus... the stocking holds more loot than a shoe. That post is from 2004, but Christopher still puts out the stocking.

Yelli said...

@ Papa Scott - Tee Hee Hee - that is hilarious! Of course, my little one will eventually catch on! Thanks for the "heads up!"