Monday, December 8, 2008

A London!

The Scientist, Baby Bird and I packed up again and headed off to London to visit my sister, and some very good friends.

The Scientist and I have already been to London a few times so our goal was a little different than most. We wanted to visit instead of sightseeing. We did get a little sightseeing but mostly just to make sure that we can tell Baby Bird later in life that he HAS seen Big Ben, even if he doesn't remember.

The Scientist and Baby Bird got in trouble with the Bobbies...
Westminster Abbey which was closed and it was dark AND cold. We really wanted to pay tributes to Darwin so we were a bit disappointed.
One can't visit London without the typical "talking in a red phone booth" picture. We could hardly get Baby Bird out-he wanted to stay there!

There was a peace demonstration going on near Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. I thought at first it was a homeless camp but then looked closer at the signs.

Baby Bird really wanted to sit near the lion in Trafalger Square but once he got up there, he wanted to get down!
While in London, we were dying to eat Indian food (or curry as the Brits call it). We went to a street called Brick Lane and ate at a restaurant called Papadam. Eating on Brick Lane is an event within itself. Most restaurants have people standing outside calling out to you and offering you discounts like 20% off or free round of drinks. It can seem overwhelming, but it was very fun. Luckily my sister has frequented this street before and knows where the good places are. She did give us a tidbit of advice-only eat where it is busy!

The food was amazing...and SPICY! YEA!

Bode eating an actual papadam

We also went to the Natural History Museum or Dinosaur Museum as Baby Bird kept calling it. They have an exhibit with a Tyrannosaurus Rex which moves and growls. Baby Bird's eyes were as big as apples!
He liked the Baby dinosaurs.
and the Blue Whale
We also had a most delicious Thanksgiving dinner with our dear friends from high school and his wife. Even though we hadn't seen them in years, we picked up where we left off and had a really fun evening. Unfortunately, we had so much fun we plum forgot to take pictures! They pitied our lack of spices in Europe and sent us off with some hot sauce!

Thank you London...we will be back!

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