Monday, April 14, 2008

New Passion

Could my life be any more up in the air? Going to Germany...not going to we are really going to Germany...When though? I DON'T KNOW!!!

Anyway, I found a new passion today. A 22-year old British guy that is very involved in a pro- animal vivisection group called Pro Test . (Get it?) He is coming to Seattle and it turns out he is starting groups in the US. I am so listening to his talk.

Here is my take on the subject to all of my squeamish readers out there. (all 1 of you) NO ONE LIKES TO DO ANIMAL RESEARCH! I repeat without one likes to do animal research. However, I do like diseases to be cured and my products to be safe and heck...I love to be able to find out more of the mysteries of the brain which could not be possible without animal research. Animal research follows the 3 R's. (no - not reading, ritin and rithmetic) The 3 R's represent: reduction of the number of animals used, refinement of techniques and procedures to reduce pain and distress, and replacement of animan with non-animal techniques.

Can this be an opening to a new interest?