Thursday, January 8, 2009

Funny Foto Freitag

Of all of the American fast food exports over here, Dunkin Donuts was the LEAST expected chain I expected to see. But they are everywhere AND very popular.

Germans (especially those in Southern Germany) celebrate 3 Kings Day on Jan. 6th. (Those southern Germans get all of the holidays...harumph!) So Dunkin Donuts decided to cash in celebrate this occasion by naming donuts after our favorite not-able-to-pronounce-their-gifts-giving Kings!

So, if you want to celebrate you local 3 King's Day, head over to your local Dunkin Donuts and enjoy red frosted Balthasar, coconut Melchior and chocolate sprinkled Caspar! If you are still hungry, pick up a heart shaped Santa Claus!

P.S. to my American readers: I too had no idea what the three Kings were named but apparently, every German and most Europeans know this!


C N Heidelberg said...

We don't have Dunkin down here. I was shocked to see them in Berlin and Potsdam when I was up that way!

cliff1976 said...

I discovered the Dunkin Donuts at Berlin's Ostbahnhof in late November 2005. It was my first cup of Hazelnut coffee and Boston Creme since having moved to Germany a year and half previously.

Man were they good.

I think I need to visit Boston again. They have them on like every street corner (or so it seemed).

Susi said...

no dunkin here but I can get krispy creams at the commissary, lol
the reason why germans know the three kings names is through the sternsinger and religious classes in school. Plus checking out the door frames at houses you'll see the 20+c+m+b+2009 (the initials stand for the names)