Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Internet

Our Internet connection has been spotty lately for some unknown reason. Hence, the lack of meaningful posts...

While this was occurring, it struck me on how dependent I am on the Internet. News, weather, sports, entertainment, RECIPES! I had to offer Baby Bird and the Scientist bread and water because I didn't know what to cook!

I know life wasn't always like this but I am having trouble remembering imagining what it was like.

However, I found a clip on DailyKos that helps...How many computers in SF in 1981???


Diane Mandy said...

I know what you mean about being dependent on the Internet. I think the WWW is an expat's best friend. In our house Max thinks my pecking order is as follows

Rascal (our cat)

In truth, as much as I love the Internet, he might not be that far off. :-)

Kimber.G. said...

I think I might really die without my computer.

Cap11C said...

For you youngsters who didn't grow up without the internet, here's a brief history


lettershometoyou said...

Really fascinating video. One short scene shows someone working on what looks like a Kaypro, the computer we had to suffer through at the newspaper I worked on in the early nineties.
"Won't make much money on it, won't lose a lot either." Whoa--- it's putting many of them out of business! A real loss.

lettershometoyou said...

Darn, excuse the double-comment-post, but another thing that jumped out at me on that video:_
Dial phones. And that device that old guy lay the red receiver in? I think they used to call that a charged-coupler device, didn't they? Anyway it was a very slow modem. I remember in 1976 when I worked at a grocery store my shift boss used to use one of those things to order stock from the city central warehouse. It made the same screech and whistling noises your regular modem did. Geez, sounds like I'm talking about Victrolas and horse-buggies it's such ancient stuff.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Yeah, my computer and internet are like crack...I'm totally's so sad :)