Thursday, January 22, 2009

Italian Expat store in Berlin

I discovered this wonderful store in Berlin recently. It is called Mitte Meer. The best way I can describe it is a Itralian expat store.

Now those of you who are not expats might not realize why I am so excited. Every new type of grocery store I find might contain elusive ingredients.

Wine...not so elusive but what a selection!

Pasta! That whole aisle filled with beautiful pasta. The refrigerator cases on the end has fresh pasta. They even had pasta that was dark black. Squid ink perhaps?

Fresh made hummus, pesto, and assorted dips for lack of a better word? elusive ingredient!

See where that empty space is? BLACK BEANS!!!! However, they were out but now I know how I can make Mexican food!! YEA! They even had refried beans!

The best find though was the FISH CRACKERS!!!

They also had a fish market (not so common in Berlin) where there was a man cleaning fresh fish for you. There were too many people in there so I didn't take a picture. (Yes even I get shy sometimes)

Check it out. I think they have 2 locations on the east and west.


Caffienated Cowgirl said...

What a great place...lucky you :)

kwallocha said...

I tell you, I miss the selection I had over there. Here in Magnolia, AR I am lucky when I can get some frozen shrimp. Just recently they took the Rotkraut off the shelves. And I like my Rotkraut. I am jealous of you.

Yelli said...

@ CC - It is cool! And it is within walking distance...

@ kwallocha - LOL! Selection? For some things! However, I do miss gatorade, baking powder, choc chips, black beans, spicy food etc...