Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Tale of Two Poops...

Even though this is mostly an expat blog, I am a mother first. And if you don't want to hear "potty" talk, please exit now. :)

On Saturday, Baby Bird woke up and demanded that we put him in underwear. I first started to say no but then realized that my dreams of living diaper free might actually come true. We didn't have much planned that day anyways and it was my birthday weekend (every girl needs more than a birthday!) and I couldn't think of anything more that I would want.

We have been really trying to encourage him to use the toilet but being so far away from friends and family has felt more like "parenting on the fly." We haven't actually figured out how to make the leap and sites like this don't really give us many specifics. And we have even heard people tell us to let him run around naked all day. Really? Isn't it cold? How does that help us on the potty training anyways?

Back to his underwear...we put underwear on him and he beamed like he had just been awarded the Nobel Prize of Adulthood. I set the timer for an arbitrary number that I felt seemed not too long and not too short which was 8 minutes. (I think Goldilocks would have approved.)

Deja Vu for a moment: This whole potty training thing had really reminded me of when the Scientist and I had to pick a name for Baby Bird. Really? We get to name this child which will impact him the rest of his life? Do we really have this much power? Will we doom him to alliteration or maybe after our favorite movie star or maybe even the kind of car he was conceived in? (The last one is true-ask my friend Buick!) The same thought crossed my mind that I might somehow be responsible for training him to use the potty.

Back to his underwear again...Everytime the timer went off, we marched into the bathroom armed with mini gummi bears as a treat for sitting on the potty and sat him on the potty. Nothing.

2 minutes after we sat on the potty (that is 6 min left on timer for the math impaired, he started getting really upset. Then I noticed the puddle around the floor underneath him. Egads!

We were patient. In fact, those of you who know me well might be surprised at just how patient I was. The good thing was that he was really upset when his pants were wet. That is a good sign according to all the parenting books we have read. And parenting books are always right. Das stimmt.

Well, the patience thing eventually wore off after doing this for a couple more hours with 2 more accidents. In fact, it was he that decided he wanted his diaper on again. He wasn't ready that day but he might be ready soon! (make that day come sooner than later please!)

Someone made a comment to me that they were not patient enough to have children. Maybe that is true but patience can be learned as I have found out. And believe me, I know from firsthand experience.

This post was all over the place! Anyways, I am out to do errands on my birthday. Shouldn't that be a crime? :)


C N Heidelberg said...

Happy birthday!!

So Smrt said...

Yes, we had some days exactly like that. And then one week later, she just did it. I had to actually HUG her, while she was sitting, lots of cooing and reassuring words. And once the you know what hit the water, it was like a door opened. I feel it really is true that you can't push too hard for this. I think my daughter was purposely NOT doing it because she knew how much I wanted it!

Kimber.G. said...

awww good little baby bird! hopefully he'll get the hang of it soon! Sara has started potty training early, although she's just managed to go on the floor in front of the toilet and not IN the toilet yet, but she's getting there.

ps; I LOVE birthday week!! its the best week of the year!