Sunday, January 18, 2009

Unplug Your Kids - Balance

I have done the the past few unplug your kids projects but was never able to get around to putting them up. Between illness, visitors and normal holiday madness, I hardly posted anything! However, I resolved to put this week up so here it goes!

I have been waiting to use these pics for a project and this week was perfect! While my Mom was visiting, she and Baby Bird made little snowpeople.

It does not snow that often in Berlin and we don't usually get enough snow to build a snowman but try telling that to my parents while they were visiting! They saw more snow than they see in the Midwest I think!

Balancing snowball on top of snowball is never an easy feat. So without further ado, I introduce Mama, Dada and Baby Bird Snowpeople! (Baby Bird named them)

We also read Leah and Sam which is about a little baby boy who has a very imaginative older sister. In the book, Leah makes a space ship fort for her baby brother. While Baby Bird has no baby siblings (NO MOM-this is not a hint!) we could still make a cool space ship fort!

Balancing a space ship helmet on your head is harder than it looks!
Ok I think I got...Ready for lift off?

3...2...(get in the space ship Baby Bird!)

1! Blast off!

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Dayna said...

cute snow people!!! And your rocket ship is stellar!

naomi said...

Love the sieve balancing on his head! Very sweet.

Mom Unplugged said...

I love the space ship helmet! And the snow people. I hope your Mom had a fun visit. I am glad you were able to join in this week.

American in Norway said...

Very cute! We are going to go out & make our own snow people before it melts away...

Melitsa said...

Love what the kids did. Fun times. Fun times. Thanks for sharing.

So Smrt said...

Teeny snow people make me smile!