Monday, February 23, 2009

Funny Foto Freitag Play Along Challenge!

I received a comment recently where someone asked me about my Funny Foto Freitag. I started that tradition when I moved here and had too many hilarious pictures. I didn't want to keep them all to myself so I decided to share them with the world... Lucky you!

It got me thinking that people out there have lots of funny pictures (even if they are NOT an expat) and so this week on Friday, I will be posting my Funny Foto Freitag picture but I was hoping some of you would also post yours!

Here is how to participate:
  1. take a funny picture
  2. blog about it
  3. come back to my blog on Friday and upload your link with Mr. Linky!
  4. Look at the other entries and laugh!
It is that easy! I will continue to do this whether it is only me participating or 100 of you.

If you want to see some of my past entries, click here.

Happy Shooting!

1 comment:

So Smrt said...

Yay! I have at LEAST three funny pictures I'd like to post. Thanks for letting non-expats join in.