Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grüne Woche

Grüne Woche has now come to end but next January, I know where I will be headed!

For those of you in the States, the only thing I can come close to comparing this massive undertaking is the Seattle Flower & Garden Show...on steroids!

Grüne Woche is a one-of-a kind event that fills around around 20 4-story buildings! It showcases the food, agriculture and horticulture industries in Germany and some other nearby countries.

First of all, the event is incredibly public transportation accessible. I got on my nearby S-bahn and it dropped me off practically on the front door!

It is called Grüne Woche (Green Week) but I am not sure I understood the implications right away. I thought I was going to an pro-environment rally but Green Week was more like showcasing everything that is..well...green!

Although they did have a section on "What to Do with your Old Xmas Trees."

We started out in the pet area and were amazed by all of the different pets. We saw bunnies, fish, dogs, tarantulas, hamsters, guinea pigs, every type of lizard, and even a crazy cat lady.

Angry Chicken fighting (not intentional I hope...)

They even had a duck pond!
A dog show...
We then moved to the barnyard section. We found horses, cows, sheep, pigs, and oxen. I told you that this was massive! They even had an indoor arena where different events were taking place. While we were there, we saw a Medieval Times like show that included jousting on horseback.

The row of cows. I thought cows slept standing up?

I have a bunch of pictures of livestock but I won't bore you to death. I did find it a little odd to see this in the middle of the livestock section.

From there we headed into the household appliances section of boredom... Well, almost...There was this guy who was the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer of Germany complete with obnoxious Hawaiian tourist shirt!

We found out a way out eventually but definitely spent too much time in the labyrinth of Household Appliances H-E- double hockey sticks.

We did finally find the garden section where we caught this beautiful display from Britzer Garden. See the guy painting? Why weren't they done? The event was almost over by the time I went.

Did I mention how big this was? Big enough to fit a windmill!

Anyways, the most delicious part of the event was the FOOD section! They even represented the good 'ole USA! (And no we did not eat there)

Instead, we dined on some fine wine and oysters!
After we left the food counters, we went to the states of Germany. Different states of Germany had food, entertainment and music that is their specialty. These were NOT TO BE MISSED!

We found one state evidently with lobster bread specialty. Maybe it was on the sea?

Here is another specialty. Attractive Princes who pose with silly tongue tied American girls! :) Oh yeah...and the weird orange puppet things.

I have a bunch more pictures but as you can probably tell, I had a smudge on the outside of my camera which I failed to notice until I got home. I will spare you the rest of my smudgy photos and hope that you are able to experience it for yourself! If you want to see other professional pictures of the event, check out the photos page here.

Here are some tips if you decide to go next year.
  1. Print out the map on the Internet first. They give you a really crappy free map with strange symbols on it when you arrive. I think you can buy a map at the info desk but we didn't find it in time.
  2. It is SO massive, plan out where you want to go first so you don't get stuck in the household appliance sections looking at vacuum cleaners like I did. There are a LOT more interesting things to look at than vacuum cleaners.
  3. It gets CROWDED! We were there on a Thursday morning and the lines were out the door. The earlier the better and try going during the week if you can instead of weekends.
  4. There are a lot of really cool events so try going on a day when you want to see that particular event.
  5. Make sure you make use of the Summer Garden outside to get from building to building to save time!
  6. Enjoy and make sure you bring your empty stomach!
See you next January! I will meet you at the Giant Apple... :)

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Wow! I'm sooo jealous. I've never made it there yet.