Monday, February 16, 2009

Real German Cuisine Challenge - Bread Dumplings with Mushrooms

Christina from AmiExpat in all of her Expat-Awesomeness challenged us to The Real German Cuisine Cooking Challenge.

Since I am interested in experiencing German cuisine as much as possible (and am ALWAYS up for cooking new things) I thought I would try this.

This week we made Semmelknödel mit Pilzen or Bread dumpling with mushrooms.

These were FANTASTIC! However, they turned out a little mushier than I think they were supposed to. I think I identified the problem below.

First I made the dumplings and mixed all of the day old bread together. What a great way to use day-old bread!

Then, I shaped these into balls.

Here is where I think the problem came in. The recipe called for 8 dumplings-I made 11 or 12. I realized too late that I made them too small but thought it wouldn't make a difference. They came out a little mushy on the outside but on the inside were firm and wonderful!

Messy hands are always the sign of a good cook!

The recipe called for a LOT of mushrooms. Luckily they cook down quite a bit. Speaking of mushroom, this reminds me of a joke.

So, a mushroom walks into a bar and sits next to a beautiful woman.

Mushroom: Can I buy you a drink?
Lady: (snubs her nose at him) NO!
Mushroom? Why not? Aren't I a Fungi? (fun guy? get it?)

LOL!!! (Ok I promise I will stick to cooking next time...)

Here are my dumplings and mushroom sauce simmering away....

Beautiful smells filling my kitchen at this point.

And finally, the finished product!

DELISH! Even picky toddler Baby Bird wolfed it down!

Lessons Learned :
  1. Next time I will definitely cut the lemon down a bit. I love the taste of lemon but the hubby is not as fond. He still had double helpings though.
  2. I will make exactly the amount of dumplings that the recipe calls for!
  3. Looking at a picture beforehand might have helped. I have never eaten this dish so I wasn't sure what to expect.
  4. This is a keeper! Try it next time you have old bread you don't want to throw away!
Thanks Christina! I can't wait for next week...So tune in next Monday when I attempt to not ruin cook Rahmgulasch (Creamy veal goulash).


kwallocha said...

I love a good Semmelknoedel. The ones I always ate were the size of a tennis ball. You can only eat two of those but this way they don't fall apart on you.

Christina | said...

Mine were a little soft on the outside. I'll have to get them in a restaurant sometime to compare. Oliver loved them too. He was a little piggy. Good idea about the picture, I'll get some of the photos scanned from the book this week.

christina said...

Mmm...those look terrific. They're actually supposed to be quite firm, and I think that depends a lot on the kind of bread you use. Traditionally they use day-old Semmel, the Brötchen you buy at the bakery, cut into cubes with the crust left on. If you use regular white bread the dumplings probably wouldn't absorb as much milk and might be a bit stickier. I'm sure the flavour is the same, though. I love those things!

Here's a pic of what they should ideally look like Semmelknödel

Yelli said...

@ Kwallocha - tennis ball! Thanks for the tip!

@ Christina amiexpat- If you get a chance otherwise the Internet is full of them!

@ Christina - Thanks for the link. I used bread that was 2 days old and was called Landbrot I think. It is a mixed white and wheat bread. I am definitely interested in experimenting on this recipe. It was a big hit!

Stephanie said...

they look good - glad to see that we are joining on the german cuisine journey together!

know what you mean about the bread - I am going to try some french rolls that I have next - I think that with more binder (eggs, flour), they will come out more compact!