Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Redhead sensititvity...

I have been neglecting my blog but for a good reason. We had some unexpected visitors from the States come in last weekend and we have been busy catching up with them and their one-year old. I am happy to report that should we ever think of having another child and that child wants to get in my lap, Baby Bird will be extremely jealous. (It is a good way to get extra hugs and kisses from him though!)

On to my post...

I am a redhead. I have always been a redhead. However, in the past few years, my hair has changed and although no one calls me Pippi Longstocking (or worse yet - Pippi Lanstrumpf!) anymore, you can still see some semblance of my red hair. I would put a picture up of me when I was little but unfortunately, all of my childhood pics are at home with the P's.

Here is a pic of my sis, Baby Bird and me at the Dresden Weihnachtsmarkt to show the hair color.

Remember when you all can't believe I am actually as cold as I am? Well, now science of being a redhead is behind my whining about pain and being cold! It turns out that redheads experience more cold and pain sensitivity than dark haired people!!!

Need more Redhead science?

Don't know if the woman or man you are dating is a REAL redhead? You can pay $119 and with a hair or spit sample, find out for certain! Scientists have identified the redhead gene. See how special I am???

GO SCIENCE!!! I knew you would always be behind me.


jen said...

Both my siblings are full blown redheads and this sensitivity has always come up. That and the need to be dipped in sunscreen.

Redheads also have more hair.
You do have gorgeous hair.

arturgreensward said...

I shouldn't mention this since I've known you for only 8 years or so... but I've never noticed your hair as having red. Really?

Yelli said...

@ Jen - Thank you! You are very sweet. However, I am wondering if you carry the gene!

I also agree if they made a sunscreen bath, I would happily buy it and use it during all times of the year!

@ artur - ????? I said in my post my hair has changed over time but I didn't suffer through years of being called Pippi Lonstocking, redwood, carrot top, Annie etc for nothing you know!

Mom said...

I notice you left out your real nickname! Being the wonderful mother that I am, I will not even disclose it.

Carol said...

Did you know that redheads are also harder to put out under anesthesia? I learned this the hard way... THEN I found out that it's been researched! They should WARN us!