Sunday, February 8, 2009

Unplug Your Kids - Float

This week's theme was float. I had a few ideas and Baby Bird and I went to try them out.

First, we took a large bowl and filled it with water. I gathered many random objects being careful to note that some need to float and some need to sink. I wanted to make sure that Baby Bird understood the concept.

He LOVED this game. I would first ask him is he thought an object would float or sink. After he would tell me ja oder nein (Yes or No - we are in Germany after all!), he would put it in the water!

Octopus -Float!

Race Car - Not so good. Sink!
I let him play around with this for an hour and a half until he declared "DONE!" (at least he says that in English) I can't stress to you enough how much giggling and fun was happening here and this is without a nap! We will definitely play with this again.

He has also been all into fish lately so we also made a fish bowl. I tried to explain to him that fish don't technically float - they swim by the aid of an organ called a swim bladder...but I think I wasted a lot of air when I saw him try to repeat what I said. :)

First, I cut out 2 fish, a fish bowl and water. I put glue on a paper plate and gave him a paint brush so he could paste it on himself. (which I think I learned from another Unplug your Kids Project! -Thanks!)

Then he glued the water down.

I gave him some glitter glue and he spread that around using the paint brush. He then glued the 2 fish down. He insisted on a shark so I mustered up my best shark drawing skillz and attempted to make him a shark.

Then, he put more glue wherever he wanted as I had saved some sand (this was a lucky accident - I had forgotten to dump it out from the summer last time we went to the beach). He dumped the sand on the glue with a spoon.

We also cut some straws and put them on there for plants. He is very determined to learn how to use scissors so I thought cutting straws with kid scissors would be a safe way to ease him into scissor usage.

The finished project. (Not to scale!) Watch out shark - those goldfish are going to make dinner out of you!

For the last bit, we have a National Geographic (in German) Ozeane book that he loves to look at. Baby Bird likes to point out the different sealife in the book (including many things that float!) and we like to try to decipher the organism's name into English.

Great project but just think, wouldn't Unplug your Kids projects be better with bacon?

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Crescent Moon said...

My little boy thinks everything is better with bacon, also.

That fish bowl turned out really cute and your son is adorable.

naomi said...

lecker lecker! Ich habe bacon gerne!

I love your fish picture, very sweet. My ds likes nature books too, often he prefers ones which aren't aimed specifically at children as the pictures are more detailed, and there is more information.

I didn't think you could get proper bacon in Germany!

So Smrt said...

We didn't do that exactly, but my husband did suggest that we download the song "Will it Float?" from David Letterman!

So Smrt said...

Okay, against my better judgement, I clicked on the bacon link and HOW DID YOU DO THAT??? That is so cool. :)

Erica said...

Love the fish bowl, he did a great job!

Mom Unplugged said...

Looks like he had fun. So glad! You made me laugh about the swim bladder. How do you say that in German? Funny bacon made me hungry.

Yelli said...

@ CM - bacon does make everything better! He is a smart kid!

@ Naomi - Proper bacon is not to be found. That is why I have to put it on my blog! Your German is great!

@ So Smrt - I totally thought of that too! I loved those...

@ Erica - Thanks! It was messy (there was sand EVERYWHERE!) but we had fun

@ Mom unplugged - die Schwimmblase is swim bladder in German! LOL!

Clare said...

Sink/float experiments are great fun - try flannels too - they float and then sink....