Thursday, February 26, 2009

What NOT to bring to an interview...

The Scene:

Yelli waits quietly for her interview while Boss is in office taking care of another hopefully important matter. Yelli quietly takes out a book after 10 minutes waiting. After another 10 minutes goes by, the secretary comes out and apologizes. After another 5 min, the Boss comes out.

Boss: Hello. You must be Yelli. Sorry to keep you waiting.
Yelli: (fumbling around to put everything away) Yes. Thank you for seeing me.
Boss: (notices I am fumbling around with a book) That must be an interesting book you are reading. What is the title?
Me: (forgets title of book and shows Boss cover of book instead)

Boss: ummm...that looks very interesting. (Boss moves on) So what is your interest in our company...
Yelli: (blushes and looks totally embarassed)

Really, this book is not about what you would think. An internationally acclaimed novelist not well known in the English speaking world. Get this book. It is worth the read!

And if you must know, I got the temporary job and Boss #1 took me to Boss #2 to interview me for a more permanent position (that I was unaware of). I still wouldn't recommend this unorthodox method to anyone searching for a job!! Maybe Americans are too prude?

BTW: Are your hilarious pictures ready for Funny Foto Freitag??? Come back tomorrow to post your link!


Alyssa said...

Oh Congrats!!! YAY!!!

Sorry to hunt you down like that-- but I was making copies and you passed by the window and I thought "hmmm...that looks like...."
So I followed you!

Nice to meet ya :-)
Welcome aboard!

J said...


lettershometoyou said...

A c'mon, it wasn't a magazine in a plastic wrapper. I'm sure they thought you were pretty cool, though. :-)

Good luck in the new job!

Yelli said...

It looks a LITTLE salacious don't you think? :)

Lettershome - I think you were right though. Maybe I did get some respect from that!