Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's Up Germany Wednesday?

I would like to start this post with a conversation between my parents and I when they visited.

Me: And here is where you take a shower...
Dad: Where is the curtain?
Me: There isn't one.
Dad: How does the water stay off the floor and not cause mold, and get everything all wet?
Me: It doesn't.
Parents: ?!?!?!

See, for some reason, Germans (and I think this applies to most other Europeans too but correct me if I am wrong) don't believe in shower curtains. They let Sankt Niklaus come and leave oranges and peanuts in your kids shoes in December but they refuse to believe in the benefits of keeping water IN the shower.

Here is a pic of the towel we lay down to prevent some of the water from getting everywhere but as you can see (although faintly) it didn't help much. There is still water beyond the scope of the towel and all over the bathtub.

Any of you have shower curtains in your Wohnung?

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kwallocha said...

I think it depends on how big your bathroom is. Meaning, do you have the luxury to have a shower or just a bath tub. Thankfully my parents had both. Before that we only had a bath tub and we took baths instead of showers.

PapaScott said...

Are you nuts? Of course we have a shower curtain. Our hippo curtain was the most popular post on my blog for a long time. :-)

C N Heidelberg said...

We have a shower stall with doors. In our first apartment, there was a curtain but it was so light that it got sucked into the shower when the water was turned on, clung on to you, and water got all over the bathroom floor anyway. ( See here - spaces added so the text will wrap -
to-store-to-pick-up.html ) So it was about as good as not having one!

Alyssa said...

I've got a shower curtain -- with magnets at the bottom-- that I brought with me from the USA. I heard they could be hard to find but when I was at IKEA I saw them.

But I've been in many hotels recently without shower curtains.


Tammy B said...

We got a shower curtain but had to buy a compression rod to hang it with - because, of course, our tub did not have a bar to hang the curtain.