Sunday, February 8, 2009

Would this make it better?

Do you all like my blog out there?

Wave your hands in the air! Wave 'em like you just don't care! Cuz if you want to rock with 50% DNA on the block...everybody say Oh' Yeah!


No...ok... would you like my site better if it came with free bacon????

Note: The site you are clicking on is safe and in no way associated with spam of any type. If you want to add bacon to your site, simply add + your site name.

Note #2: Thank you to Ezra Klein's site for alerting me to Bacon!

Note #3: My apologies to New Kids on the Block for stealing their lines. :)


Cap11C said...

Oh YUM! But now I can't read your blog at o-dark-30 without getting hungry!

Yelli said...

I love bacon! However, they don't really sell proper American bacon here. I go to the store and am surrounded by pig and can't find bacon or ham to save my life. Germany! Sheez!

Cap11C said...

So...make your own! Here's the link to Alton Brown's recipe (he's Kimber's favorite TV celebrity!)

Yelli said...

Cap 11C - You must know that I am totally into making everything myself. However, molasses is not sold in Germany nor do they know what it is!

I told my Mom when she came for Xmas to bring molasses over for gingerbread but we both decided the risk of molasses covered clothes was too great! Thanks for the link though. I will definitely do that even if I AM back in the good ole bacon lovin US!