Friday, March 13, 2009

Funny Foto Freitag

Even though every other US Expat in Germany has blogged about this, I didn't want to miss out on the fun. I bought these on Monday to do a Funny Foto Freitag as long as I was on the subject of Germans misconstruing American food!

Baby Bird wearing red, white and blue being patriotic eating his Obama Fingers like a good American in Germany.

Did they have to call them Obama Fingers? They couldn't call them Obama Chicken Strips? And Curry Dip?

And of course, ALL Americans eat hot dogs...on their pizza right?

Do you have a funny photo you would like to share? Upload it here and let the fun begin!


Gracey said...

Obama fingers, huh? Seriously?

lettershometoyou said...

Your little guy is so photogenic, you know. :-)
So why not do a taste test on those fingies? If I got my hands on a box, I would!

Cap11C said...

Obama Fingers made it onto the site Weird Universe but be forwarned...many items on the site are not for young or easily offended types.

lifeandlovesofadutchgirl said...

Forgot to post a Funny Foto Freitag photo again..

We are American Culture barbarians over here, haha!

J said...

Don't forget about the bbq chicken pizza that can be bought at American Week at Lidl.

Daniela said...

Dude - in the name of all Germans, I'd like to apologize for the Obama fingers and the hot dog pizza! I can't decide which one is worse... You can't make that stuff up!

Anyway, love your blog... found it through some expat blog list ages ago. I'm the reversed you: a German living in the U.S. Reading about your experiences in D-land always reminds me there's madness everywhere, not just in the country where I happen to be the foreigner. Keep up the good work!