Sunday, March 15, 2009

GUEST POST: OK, so how do they taste?

Yelli posted some pictures of a package of Obama Fingers we purchased for Funny Foto Freitag last week. Some had asked how they taste, though. Yelli was not brave enough to give it a try, but Baby Bird and I are a little more adventurous when it comes to crap food. But once they were put in front of Baby Bird, a sinking feeling of skepticism came over him:
Anyway, to put it suscinctly, these were some of the WORST tasting processed breaded meat-like products I've ever had the misfortune to pass by my lips. That's saying a lot, because MOST breaded meat-like products taste like crap, AND I've eaten many more processed breaded meat-like products than one really should be allowed.

The biggest problem with Obama Fingers is that the "chicken" inside was obviously formed from some kind of slury of what I hope was chicken meat (hence the scare quotes). Typically chicken fingers (a better word is 'tenders') usually look like chicken meat, with some kind stringy meat texture (not an appetising way to put it, I know, but I don't know how else to describe it). Obama Fingers instead are a single block of some kind of spongy meat-tasting material shapped to look more like a leach than a finger (not that one is better to eat than the other), all in a sub-par bready crust.


Anyway, with some Good ol' Fashioned American BBQ sauce from Famous Dave's (Thanks Daddio!), they actually aren't so bad. And the taste itself could be worse, despite the texture. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give them a 3, if you have good BBQ to go with them.
Let's just say that if you're feeling homesick for US of A, Obama Fingers ain't gonna help you out.


J said...

Actually, I disagree. They weren't half bad considering the other chicken fingers that one can buy in Germany.

cliff1976 said...

Mmm, Famous Dave's — excellent choice! We make sure to stop up on that stuff, among other items, every visit to the states or when our peeps are putting together care packages.

Afferent Input said...


I think I would agree I'm being a little hard on the Obama Fingers. I still think they suck, but I've had worse.

But now that I think of it, your comment has ensured I will never ever again buy chicken fingers while I'm in Germany, especially if Obama fingers are the high watermark.

J said...

Having been a fan of chicken fingers when I lived in the US, and having tried many different brands here hoping that at least one of them wouldn't be awful, I agree. No more for me here either.

Connie said...

Bad name. Ick. They lose taste points before the box is open, even for those who cannot read. Chicken fingers also seem to lose taste points automatically if they do not come in a bag with a toy.

I don't get it.