Monday, March 9, 2009

Real German Cuisine Challenge: Apfelstrudel

This week's Real German Cuisine Challenge was Apfelstrudel or Apple Strudel. I think Christina likes us to get our hands dirty... :)

You have not lived if you have not eaten proper Apfelstrudel. If you think you have eaten apfelstrudel with mooshy apple paste inside and a sickenly sweet topping, you are mistaken.

In fact, when I made this, I don't think I even knew what to expect.

1 Word...


Is this recipe complicated? A bit...I was intimidated by the directions.

For one, I realized that I had never kneaded anything by hand before since the invention of a mixer. We make pizza dough, bread and other recipes that call for kneading but I always turn to my trusty mixer. For this recipe, I decided to get my hands dirty (literally!) and try it hand...

First though, I did some research to look up how to knead by hand. I found this website to be extremely helpful with directions on how to knead. She talked about kneading dough like a clock. Bring the dough from 6 to 12 o'clock and then turn the bowl and bring the dough from 3 to 9 o' clock.

I noticed that she also said to let the apples sit a bit before attempting the dough. So, I did that first. In the interest of full disclosure and protecting my marriage: The Scientist helped me core and cut all apples. All 3.3lbs of them!

Beautiful. This makes this healthy right?
Raisins soaking.

Kneading the dough and adding water. 10 - 15 min of kneading = very sore arms!

See wavy lines anywhere?

I also referred back the website above to help with these directions. The more directions the better since this is one of those things that is probably better seen rather than read!

After letting it rise (how the heck can it rise if it doesn't have any leaving agent in it?) We rolled it out on an old table cloth because I wasn't sure if our kitchen cloth was big enough.

Like Magic, it got bigger!

Like Christina, we also felt that 200g of sour cream was too much so we probably only used about 150g.

Then we added all of the appley deliciousness...

We rolled up the log being careful not to tear the thin dough and still trying to keep it tight.

Getting it into the pan was tricky and I enlisted the help of The Scientist for this also. We used the tablecloth and somehow got it in.

I poured the boiling milk over it after basting it with butter.

BoldThe only thing that could have made this any better was vanilla sauce! Even though I had all of the ingredients ready, I had been awake since 4am due to a certain Baby Bird and was too tired to be certain that I wouldn't burn anything so I used it from a box. This particular vanilla sauce is remarkably good even if it has been hanging out in the cardboard box. And it is Danish. (Are they known for vanilla sauce?)

I can't tell you how good this was. I wish technology was good enough so you could smell and taste through the computer. The only thing that would have made it better would have been company! This was far too large for us to eat by ourselves!

Thank you again Christina. This recipe was amazing and I encourage all to try this. (or come over and help me finish mine!)


C N Heidelberg said...

I love the cute dish you baked it in!

Kimber.G. said...

Seriously, why are they having so much trouble making a teleporter??? This looks delicious and if I did have a working teleporter I'd come over and try some!

Emily Flechtner said...

looks great! I couldn't get my dough that thin... maybe it had to do with rolling it out with a thermos can...

Stephanie said...

looks wonderful! I am glad to be working on these challenges with you and the rest of the group!
I actually have been enjoying the strudel better cold than when it was warm, I can taste the apples more that way. Great job!

Erin said...

This looks great! I'm glad it worked out well for you!