Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Real German Cuisine Challenge: Wurzelsuppe (Root soup)

How do you turn the ugliest vegetables into something delicious? By making some Wurzelsuppe, that's how! This was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but I had to take a couple of short cuts.

First of all, the recipe calls for 100 g celery root. I ended up buying a root, though, that was north of 1 Kg! So the total amount of root I used is the white wedge on the upper right hand side of the cutting board. The rest of the root (the ugly stuff on the cutting board) is still sitting in my fridge:
Anyway, I chopped the veggies and sliced and washed the leek:
I put the veggies in a pot with 250 ml beef stock. I didn't have anything to puree the veggies, so I boiled the hell out the veggies (like 25 or 30 min) and had to add some extra water to keep things moist. Once they were super soft (by testing a carrot with a fork), I mashed them with a masher. This didn't make puree, but there were no big chunks:
Then I added 750 ml of beef stock, brought it to a boil for 2 min, added juice from half a lemon, about 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp ground black pepper, and about a 1/4 ground nutmeg. I couldn't believe that the recipe doesn't state how much nutmeg to use, but after some Googling for "Wurzelsuppe" and "Muskatnuss" it seems like most recipes don't tell you how much to add.

Anyway, the final product was quite good. This is such a simple meal to make, I'm sure we'll be eating Wurzelsuppe some time again very soon. (What else am I going to do with all that celery root!)
I'll need to get my hands on something to make a puree next time, but even just the mashed veggies were pretty good.


C N Heidelberg said...

Yum! I don't have a blender or processor either which is why we didn't do this one. So little celery root, it looks like you could just use the size that comes in with the soup greens! (Actually we thought the recipe looked like soup green soup! ;) )

Paula and Skip said...

Could do with a nice piece of celery root over here. Nice finding so many expat blogs in my home country while living in the US myself :-)

Yelli said...

Hey CN - We didn't have a blender either. We just cooked the vegatables longer. It worked fine although slightly lumpy. We didn't mind since we like lumpy anyways... :)