Monday, March 30, 2009

Unplug Your Kids - Books

For this week's Unplug Your Kids, Dada was in charge! And what a fabulous project they did!

They decided to make a book.

First, they assembled all of the necessary materials.

Then they got to the hard work of picking a title. Since my son is obsessed (to put it lightly) with Thomas the Tank Engine, I wasn't surprised to see that the title reflected this obsession although the book pages subject matter shifted significantly involving his friends, "animals" (I think his code word for zoo) and Mama and Dada of course.

Here is Baby Bird, who insisted on cutting, helping to cut out pages.

Then the hard work of writing and coloring the book began...

Then it was time to punch holes! No, not that kind of punching!

A Hole puncher!

They affixed the sides with chenille strips (formerly known as pipe cleaners.)

Now for the test! Does it work?

He was so proud of his book. The first thing he did when I got home was run to me with his book and show me what he did. We read it together and then he put it on his shelf of books.

We read his book twice before he went to bed.

Just in case anyone wants to do this with their almost 3-year-old, I will say that he didn't seem to get the book idea until it was put together. Then, he was so excited about it, he carried it around with him all night.

3 Cheers for Daddys! Great Job!

And a special thanks for Chronicles of an Infantbibliophile for hosting this week!


So Smrt said...

I'm pretty sure our book would either be about Dora or Ming Ming. :)

Infant Bibliophile said...

Aww, he did such a great job! (And so did Dad). I look forward to doing that kind of craft with my little guy when he is old enough.

sunnymama said...

He worked hard on this book, I'm sure he is proud of it! How lovely to have his very own book on his bookshelf.

Sherry said...