Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's Up Germany Wednesday?

German. Spoons. Are. Too. Big.

I don't know why Germans use what Americans consider "Big Spoons" for regular spoons. How do you eat with these? Is this only a Berlin thing?

See them struggling to eat "whatever-I-can-find-in-stores-to-resemble-chili-in-Germany?"

There are 2 sizes of spoons here. Ginormous and Tiny. The tiny spoons are for tea and coffee and the ginormous spoons are for everything else. Here is a comparison of the 2 spoons. See how "medium" is missing?

Unfortunately, I did not bring any normal size spoons with me from the States to compare but please just trust me when I tell you that there are the size of or bigger than the "big spoons" in your neighborhood.

For more information on the funny cartoon above which is just a clip of a longer cartoon, see here.


heissescheisse said...

I totally validate this "What's up Wednesday".

I end up using the tiny spoon because the big spoons don't actually fit in my mouth.

C N Heidelberg said...

I think our spoons aren't quite as big as yours. But they are definitely bigger than American spoons. When I go back to the US I think the spoons are too small! :D

Emily Flechtner said...

it's so true! I think this all the time!!!!!!

seb said...

I think soups (and desserts) are the only foods "allowed" to be eaten with a spoon according to common German table manners - and the big ones are not contructed to be inserted completely but to sip your soup.
There are special spoons for kids in pre-fork age, Kinderlöffel, which often get handed down from generation to generation.

heza said...

yep, our spoons are too big too! Could be an ikea thing?

Yelli said...

Well, I am glad to know I am not the only one who thinks this. CN- I think I will probably think that too!

@ seb - That at least gives some perspective on why the spoons are SO BIG!

@ Heza- That occurred to me too but I also find too large spoons in all sorts of restaurants. It couldn't be that they all shop there...or could it!?!?

Claire said...
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Claire said...

They have in-between-spoons at IKEA! They are perfect. I've never noticed the problem before, but that might be because we have ginourmous spoons in Holland as well ;-). I agree with Seb that you should only eat soup with the big spoons. And pasta is ok as well.