Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's Up Germany Wednesday?

As long as I am on the subject of Ginormous Things in Germany, how about those German pillows?

Doesn't seem too bad right?

Well, lucky for you, I happen to have an American sized pillow here. Let's compare the sizes shall we?

How does anyone sleep on these things comfortably? The fluff is ALWAYS on one side, the side you are not sleeping on anymore, when you wake up in the morning so that all that is left is just the cover. It even falls off the bed frequently because our headboard is not tall enough. It also gets stuck in the grates between the bed.

Here are the pillows on our guest bed which I would call a double bed in the US.

If you have any information about why SPOONS AND PILLOWS ARE GIGANTIC, please let me know in the comment section below...

I am keeping my blog G-rated but I do have to wonder if Germans have a Napoleon complex... :)


Gracey said...

Too funny! Greek pillows look a lot like the American ones. I spent 6 months in Prague and the pillow was so long, that it was literally up to my knees!

C N Heidelberg said...

We bought some more "normal" pillows at Ikea. They are a little narrower than American pillows but pretty close.
I don't know what the deal is with the square ones but they're not very filled so maybe it's supposed to be so you can sort of adjust them into a greater variety of shapes as you like?
I love how when you come into a pension or hotel the pillows are set up like big triangles on the bed :)

J said...

I think it might be an eastern thing - Poland has pillows like that too. I bougght mine at REAL and they're just like CN describes hers.

Carol said...

We have German bedding on our bed (, but we actually use FOUR pillows -- two huge German pillows and two standard American pillows. Works great! I'm seriously considering starting a German Bedding Company because you can't get the stuff in America!


Snooker said...

I never could sleep on mine and I completely understand your frustration. Eventually I was so uncomfortable and had enough neck problems that I talked with my brother the chiropractor about it. He suggested that I just go to the Tempur-Pedic neck pillow. So that's what I did.
You could always try to pack the German square into an American-sized pillowcase. I bet that it would fit and feel very much like what you are used to.
Hmm... there is a joke in there somewhere.

cliff1976 said...

The missus and I are on our third set of European pillows here over the last five years. Some of them because of getting worn out, but I think it's mostly due to dissatisfaction with them. Most recently we got some smaller, firmer pillows from IKEA that are asymmetrically scooped, accomodating both me (primarily a backsleeper) and Sarah (primarily a sidesleeper).

So far, we dig 'em.

heissescheisse said...

Yeah, I tried the 80x80cm and hated them. The 40x80 cm work much better AND fit American sheets.

Yelli, according to my scientific research, it's the OPPOSITE of the Napoleon complex. What would we call that? Their, uh, egos... are, uh, justifiable.

Sandy said...

Oh yes, far too big, those “German” pillows. I always hated them, in fact. For a couple of years, I'm using half-sized pillows (40x80 cm). This size works best for me.

Emily Flechtner said...

the spoons, the pillows.. you're so right! But in terms of things that are large, i'm not so sad about the beer :)

graciela said...

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Gertie said...

just a tip for the pillow, as i never got used to them either: get the feathers concentrated to one end and then just fold the pillow. i've even been known to fold them into quarters. my wife is German and we have often argued over which pillows are superior. the issue has not yet been resolved. i eventually brought one from the US.