Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Empty Train?

Normally the trains in Berlin look like this: crowded and a few empty seats that you can squeeze into.

However, in my 10 months of living here, I have never encountered an empty train. Until now. What do you do on an empty train?



Be Loud!

I hope you get to experience an empty train soon. What will you do?????

P.S. These posts are in lieu of some other posts I had planned but the camera cord is with The Scientist! If you reading this, one more reminder to bring it home! :)

1 comment:

Paula & Skip said...

Hi Yelli, thanks for your comment and the info about Florida/Germany. Quite nice but not as nice seing you dance and stomp in the train :-))
Sorry that the Berliner are so crumpy and not polite at all. As german I am aware that we arent known for politeness, it takes longer to get to know us!! But then you have friends for live! Enjoyed browsing your blog and will surely visit again. Paula