Friday, April 3, 2009

Funny Foto Freitag - Still from Paris!

I am not sure why this amused me so much but Roller Blades seem all the rage in Paris. Even the Police Officers use them! These officers were seen cruising around the Louvre.

It is just that when I think of roller blades, I think of early 90's TV shows set in Miami or southern California with palm trees and sunny skies. Paris roller blades with their baguettes and delicious crepes seem misplaced somehow.

The funniest thing was that this tourist, who is on the left, just after I took this picture, posed with the police officers for his own tourist picture. Guess I am not the only lame one amused!

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1 comment:

So Smrt said...

Huh? What if they have to go down stairs or chase someone into a building? Seems a little impractical, but hey...that's why I have a "desk" job.