Sunday, April 12, 2009

Paris Part 1 - The food

I thought while I was away, I would tell you a bit about our Paris trip. (again - magically appearing while I am away from Internet)

"Somehow the french have managed to make their penchant for ruining bread into something delicious - the baguette." - unknown author

I don't know how to describe the baguettes and croissants to you but somehow the French make them better and more delicious than I could have imagined.

The crepes...Jambon and fromage (ham and cheese), nutella, mushrooms,strawberries, jam-every flavor imaginable! There were lots of delicious crepe shops near Notre Dame across the bridge on Ile St Louis.

These were a perfect street food especially for picky little toddlers!

There is also a famous but expesive ice cream shop here called Berthillon.

We spent the majority of our time eating crepes on the street considering that picky little toddlers are also very active and do not like sitting down in resturants unless...

you give him hot chocolate! This was thicker and darker than usual hot chocolate but oh so delicious.

We did eat out one night (sans Baby Bird) and we had a perfect meal with delicate french sauces over chicken and beef. I didn't take a picture because I was enjoying myself so much.

I did however catch a couple of outdoor Paris markets where I found these artistically displayed dead poultry.

In addition, the Chocolate was not to be missed. We were told by locals to try this best chocolate shop in Paris (locals always have differing opinions though!). It is found in the 19th district and is called Patisserie de l'Eglise. They had their Easter candy displays out. I get the fish/Christianity/Easter symbol connection but lobsters?

Their window displays were amazing and these babies tasted every bit as good as they look.

I think these are brightly colored macaroons on these lovely pastries and the chocolate ones next to it were to die for.

This is the store when it was closed down. Even the pastry graffiti on the wall looked delicious.

This was our only souvenir from Paris. We are still slowly working on this bag savoring each bite. Most of the flavors mixed with the chocolate are unrecognizable to me but everyone tastes heavenly.

In conclusion, Parisians know how to enjoy food. Go to Paris hungry.

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J said...

I love looking in bakery windows in Paris because of how decorative everything is.