Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Real German Cuisine Challenge: Spargel mit Kratzete

For Amiexpat's Real German Cuisine Challenge, we made Spargel mit Kratzete or White Asparagus with pancakes.

I don't know much about Spargel except that around this time of year, you can't miss the Spargel signs everywhere! Every restaurant has Spargel specials and the grocery stores and vegetable stands are overflowing with them. Luckily for us, Amiexpat visited a Spargel growing farm where I found out things like "Why are they white?" and "How are they different from green asparagus?"

I LOVE asparagus and I used to make it all of the time (but only the green-the white was not that common in the US). To get rid of the woody stems (like I did with green asparagus), I held up the asparagus and broke it where it was natural. I am not sure if this is a good method for white asparagus since they resulting pieces seemed kind of small.

I made cute bundles of Spargel and boiled them in salt water for 20 minutes. This might have been too much as they were a bit softer than I would have liked. I would not say "mushy" but softer.

Then I started on the pancakes. I love it when I measure the flour exactly right on the first try!

I cooked 2 pancakes at a time because I had one hungry toddler saying "Eat, Eat."

After I flipped them over, I cut them with my spatula instead of a fork and knife.

The finished product was so delicious that even picky Baby Bird ate it!

The salty prosciutto was a perfect match for the asparagus and torn pancakes. I even wrapped a couple of prosciutto in asparagus just so I could pretend I was battling an Iron Chef!

  • Peeling the white asparagus was not that difficult. This will surely not prevent me from eatin' me spargel! My peeler was a bit clogged but it gets clogged with carrots and so I think my peeler just sucks.
  • This dish was incredibly easy to prepare. The pancakes were fantastic even though prepared with egg whites which I have never used in pancakes before. Folding in egg whites is easy if you remember what I think of as the 12:3:6:9 Clock method.
  • Every part of this dish was important to the overall flavor.
  • I used 1.5% milk because that is what I had in the house. It still tasted fine.
  • I didn't put the extra butter on the asparagus afterward. I don't really care about the calories all that much but I REALLY enjoy the taste of fresh cooked veggies instead of butter... :)
  • Before any of you comment on this, Yes, white asparagus looks very phallic to me too. (oh wait-is that what you were going to say?) Keep it clean people! PG-13 blog here!

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Christina | AmiExpat.com said...

That video is awesome. We had a discussion about the phallic properties of Spargel at our dinner too LOL :)