Sunday, April 26, 2009

Humor or Humour?

A new study finds that British humor, full of self-deprecation and sarcasm, is linked to genes found in Brits but not Americans!

Those of you who don't get my humor, please remember kindly that my grandmother immigrated from Britain to America when she was a young adult. :)

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headbang8 said...

American sitcoms, full of "clever people doing clever things". Hmmm. Not sure I quite buy that.

But Charlie Higson might have a point.

Witness the difficulty of adapting sitcoms like Fawlty Towers and AbFab to US tastes. A sitcom in which the main characters are utterly unlikeable? Not easy for a US audience to swallow.

That said, if you set your sitcom in New York, the situation changes. New Yorkers have a nastiness license. Viz. Seinfeld.