Monday, April 6, 2009

Unplug Your Kids - Words

We did a very simple holiday themed project this week due to having visitors staying with us. The premise is very easy and most of you probably do this already.

Take a crayon. Light colors like white crayons work best with dark easter egg dye colors and dark colors like blue look best with lighter egg colors. Write anything you want (the boys wanted us to write their names) on the dry hard boiled egg BEFORE you dye it.

Then put the egg in the dye.

Take the egg out after a few minutes.

Dry the egg on a paper towel. Align Center

Smile with your colored egg!

We were having too much fun but here are our finished eggs with the names blocked off for privacy reasons.

We didn't have a white crayon so we used yellow. It still turned out lovely.

Here in Germany, the dyes for the eggs are much brighter than in the US. I don't know if you can see the difference with my camera, but these eggs were brilliantly colored, (especially the red!)

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So Smrt said...

Yeah, seriously! There's no WAY that my paas kit is going to give us that color red.

Hope all is well with you...

Mom and Kiddo said...

They look lovely!

ublawlibrary said...

Was that Jamie Oliver helping with the eggs? :)

Yelli said...

Jamie Oliver? He hasn't gotten that one yet. Usually people confuse him for Brandon Frasier... :)