Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unplug Your Kids - Yellow

For this week's project, we did the color Yellow.

First, we read this wonderful book that Baby Bird has insisted on reading almost every night since he got it for his birthday last week called Mouse Paint. (You can also find it in English on Amazon Deutschland).

Mouse Paint is about 2 mice who find some paint. (Duh) The mice discover that colors mix to form new colors. Yellow is of course included. The story is fun to read and the illustrations are clever.

Then we walked around the house and took pictures of everything that was yellow. Here are a couple of pictures that Baby Bird took. These are from his little Fisher-Price camera which does work. He got it for Christmas from one of the grandparents.

He noticed his cars and airplane first.

He was so cute. He kept putting everything in the same pile. (He is so orderly-he will make a good Scientist someday!) (Wait - OH NO!)

He LOVES this game called Obstgarten (or Orchard in English)

I never noticed our light was yellow!

I had some other ideas but the first perfect weather we have had in awhile kept us outside. Maybe next week!

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Michie said...

I think my daughter would like taking pictures like this too - she likes to take pictures using my camera. I'd like to get her one of her own. Do you like the one you have for your son?

Yelli said...

We really like it. The quality is as good as our older cell phone camera but it is very sturdy. I wrote more on your blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

happybirdycake.blogspot.com said...

ooooh! we LOOOve that book "mouse paint"! great ideas waiting to stem from it! :)