Monday, May 11, 2009

Airfare to Europe on sale!

I was in and around Görlitz, a town near the Czech and Polish border in Germany, this past weekend for a choir tour. We sang at 4 concerts including an Europa Tag concert with 11 other choirs at die Peterskirche which was built in 1423 and not destroyed in the War. I am obviously a bit exhausted but hope to post some pictures soon.

Getting back to normal life has been a bit slow but I did happen to check prices lately for airfare from the US to Europe and the prices are really low. Lufthansa is even having a sale during July and August (which is unheard of) starting at $239!

Just let me know when you are coming! :)


lettershometoyou said...

Well, that IS cheaper than you can ever get in high season from Europe to North America, but remember that the prices quoted on the site are one-way and don't included taxes, fees etc etc. I wanted to tell a friend in LA to head to Hamburg, but I don't think the end price of $818 round-trip is that great a deal.

Yelli said...

Really-800 for high season is expensive especially on Lufthansa? I thought that was low for July and August. Please let me know if you know differently since I have only been here for a short time!