Thursday, May 7, 2009

And Baby Bird turns 3...

Onto something lighter so I am not dwelling on my lack of transportation...

We recently had Baby Bird's birthday party. He just turned the big THREE! No more terrible twos for me...(Does it really go away over night?)

We decided to have a small birthday party for him with his German kita friends. To say I was nervous about having 5 children and their parents was not quite strong enough of a word. To be honest, this had nothing to do with the fact that my German isn't fluent. I haven't had to host a party for a toddler in well...ever! I wouldn't know what to do even if I were in the US!

In times like these, I am glad that the Internet is available and when my laptop is cooperating, also in English.

We started off by thinking of a theme. Baby Bird really loves dinosaurs.

I searched around my area of Berlin for birthday party stuff but to no avail. (Where do they sell this stuff?) We found a place in the UK that ships to Germany for a couple of extra Euros. It is called Planet Party and their stuff is cute and inexpensive.

We made a dinosaur cake. And by we, I mean I made the cake and the Scientist assembled it.

This cake was just 2 round cakes cut to make a dinosaur shape. I don't know if you can see from this picture but we used chocolate chips as dino spikes, toes and eyes.

I found dinosaur cookie cutters at a cute kitchen store near my house and made mini-dino sandwiches. I forgot to take a picture when it was ready but here it is after 5 hungry children attacked it.

I had more games planned but since they are all around 3, I skipped all of the games but one and let them free play. The big box was a big hit!

The game we did play -Pin the Pterodactyl on the Dinosaur Scene-worked out well.

Note to self: Don't forget to put away your playdough next time! My playdough is now the most putrid shade of green imaginable.

As far as I could tell, the party was a success!

They also celebrated his birthday in the kita. I wrote a little about the strange-to-me procedure here. The story that the teacher reads is a story of the child's life thus far. I also had to write a story about his life in German too but luckily I have very nice friends who were able to correct my German for me.

They decorated the kita very nicely for him.

I sent him in with Shark Cupcakes! (which also had the remains of sparklers in them when I picked them up after school). The teacher commented that this was "very American of me." (I don't think cupcakes are that common here in Germany)

Of course, Baby Bird got presents (his favorite part). He now has Thomas the Tank Engine stuff coming out of his ears. Do they really make Thomas swim trunks????

And finally, for my little wild thing, one of my favorite books, Where the Wild Things Are. (Which looks as though it is being made into a movie soon!)

We are no President Obama, but Baby Bird seemed to really enjoy this book. Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Bird!


Adam said...

That looks like a great party.

I really enjoyed Where the Wild Things Are, as a kid--I actually bought a copy of it recently for a kid I know here in Germany (naturally in English--the kid needs to learn it one day!)

christina said...

Awww, what a little sweetie he is. Happy Birthday, Baby Bird!

You did such a great job on the party stuff. I remember knocking myself out for those pre-schooler parties too - but the kids loved it.

It's not always easy to find themed party things but department stores like Karstadt and Kaufhof often have a bit of a selection in the stationery department.

And Where the Wild Things Are has always been one of my favourites.