Monday, May 4, 2009

The elusive Schnecke!

Some of you might know about my obsession with the German obsession of Snails. I posted some examples of what else Germans call snails here.

I have always been jealous of CNHeidelberg because she found real Schnecke and has posted pictures of real snails and naked snails (aka Slugs) on her blog.

I finally saw real snails this past weekend!


Just to give you an example of how big they were, here is a picture of all of us crowding around the snail.

I also learned a new german word to add to my repertoire.

Heisse Schnecke! Do you know what a Heisse Schnecke is? Here is a hint....

Claudia Schiffer - a very famous German model

Heisse Schecke = beautiful woman

Have fun with your new German phrase.


The Heisse Schnecke


C N Heidelberg said...

Yay snails!! :D
I saw one this weekend too, same kind as you! :) It's in my Hessische Bergstrasse photos. Apparently this type is the kind the French like to munch.

Cap11C said...

Quick snail story for you...fellow student in college went to Bermuda, grabbed a couple of snails and took them back to Connecticut in alcohol. Opened the jar a YEAR later to dissect them and they crawled out of the dish!

Yelli said...

@ CN- The French eat these particular snails? They were big and kind of cute though!

@Cap11C- Really? I guess we could call those in German: Blau Schnecke or drunk snails :)