Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Producers now showing...in Berlin?

The Producers is a Mel Brooks musical Broadway show and movie starring Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane and Uma Thurman.

Why am I bringing this up on an expat blog?

The plot of The Producers is about 2 entrepreneurs who want to put on a play entitled "Springtime for Hitler." They are hoping that it fails and then take the money and run. Of course, hilarity ensues (or whatever you think happens in Mel Brooks directed and written shows).

Although this is made in jest of Hitler, I am a little surprised that it is being played here in Berlin. Like a joke about your dead grandpa, most Germans I know are not quite at the stage where they are able to talk openly, freely and certainly not jest, about this time period. yet. It wasn't that long ago and there are still some deep resentments across borders that exist no more. In fact, the theater where it is playing, until recently, had a specially made box for "Der Führer."

The NYTimes did a special article on how well received it was on the opening night from the theater audience. It seems as though it was went well, although there were some very awkward moments.

A German paper, (in English), also reviewed the opening night with the same conclusions.

I, for one, am surprised and wonder if the laughter they heard was nervous. In saying that, it did recieve a standing ovation. Note: Standing ovations are not given freely here in Germany as they seem to be in the US. One has to really deserve it!

If you are in Berlin and want to experience "Frühling für Hitler", it is playing at the Admiralspalast until at least July 19th.

Update: Another NY Times article summarizing reviews and interviewing some involved in the production.

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Alyssa said...

I've wondered about how it would be received here for the last five months as posters are plastered everywhere for it.
Thanks for sharing these articles. I saw it on Broadway with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. Half the fun of it is how it plays on German stereotypes. The director in the stage version is hilarious-- partly because of his accent. I wonder how his character changes when they are all speaking German.

I thought about going-- but having seen the stage show with the Tony Award winners... I think I'll pass on seeing it here. If you go, you'll have to tell us how it is.