Monday, May 18, 2009

Real German Cuisine Challenge: Prasselküchen (Crackling cake) and Erdbeer Bowle

This week our challenge was Prasselküchen or crackling cake. I also happily made this with Erdbeer Bowle or (Alcoholic) strawberry punch, last week's challenge.

Unfortunately due to weekend events, I didn't take pictures of anything but the finished product.

These were both incredibly easy to make and impressive!

The Erdbeer Bowle was refreshing and we will be making this every strawberry season! It called for lemon balm, a type of mint, which I couldn't find but I added a couple of TBSP of regular ole' mint instead.

The Prasselküchen was also a big hit. It was very simple but delicious. It was simply pastry puff dough with a struesel topping. Next time, I would love to try to figure out how to get fruit jams in the middle like at the bakeries.

My German friends also said they never use Palmin (Crisco) preferring to just use a powdered sugar/lemon glaze. The glaze did seem a little heavy for the rich buttery dough and I think this would help lighten it up a bit.

The other part I ignored changed was cutting it and piercing it before hand. We cut it afterward as you can see from the picture above.

This recipe seems very flexible and we all enjoyed it...especially little ones with a sweet tooth who ask for "noch mehr?"

How could I say no to that face? :)

For other's take on this recipe, check out Ami Expat's post here.