Friday, June 19, 2009

Funny Foto Freitag

This picture is from a children's book called "Ich will Lokführer werden" or I want to be a Train Driver. This book has all of the normal things you would expect; how trains and tickets work, what the different parts of a train are called, how fun trains are... (Is this a Deutsche Bahn marketing book?)

Until we hit this page....

Yes Baby Bird...the train driver is peeing out of the window. And no, you can't pee out of a train window.


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PapaScott said...

If he liked the potty humor in that book, he'll love the Vom kleinem Maulwurf... book.

There's also a Little Mole edition, but potty humor works better in German than in English.:-)

Adam said...

Holy Cow!

At first I was going to disagree with you and say that it was an ill placed flock of birds, but after blowing the picture up, you are correct.

What an odd picture to include--and what an uncomfortable way to pee.