Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My penance...

I have been neglecting my blog lately. I have about a dozen posts I have started but haven't finished.

I know I told you about my new job last week but I really have been working on getting a actual new job that pays a little better (at least in hard currency). My current job is ending because the project is over.

In the meanwhile, I have been interviewing like crazy and have been privy to a whole new world of German culture previously undiscovered. I will blog about some of these experiences later.

However, in penance for my absence, I have decided to try Hackepeter (or Mett) for you, my loyal readers who are still here.

What is Hackepeter?

Hackepeter is raw meat, usually pork, with spices and onions. Germans eat this for breakfast and/or for lunch. It is also called Mett although I don't know why. Maybe some of you out there know why or where it is called Mett? English link for Hackepeter here.

Note to self: next time, check to make sure picture turned out!

I bought mine at Rogacki figuring, if I had to eat raw meat, I better buy it from the best butcher around!

How did it taste? It tasted kind of stringy and oniony. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but it still tasted like raw meat.

I have to fess up though. This is not the first time I have tried this. I was at a choir practice all day a month ago and the German choir we were performing with had told us they would feed us at the end of the day. After singing all day with just a short 15 min break, I was ravished. The buffet at the end of the day was centered around a GIANT bowl of Hackepeter.

As a good carnivore, with a little peer pressure prodding from the Germans, I tried it.

I am not sure I would have been brave enough otherwise!

Per CN Heidelberg- I will let everyone know if I end up on this site!


C N Heidelberg said...

I hope to not see you on a site like The Worm Within ;)

I'm scared to hear your interview stories - I just heard one from a friend of mine that was really terrible, and it had to do with discrimination against women. (I'm pretty sure the questions might actually have been illegal in the US.) Oh, how I hope such stories are not common!!

christina said...

You're so brave! My husband and 13 yr old love the stuff, 16 yr old and I can take it or leave it. I don't like the stringiness either but it tastes all right.

We call it Mett where we live and Wikipedia sez: Mett (von niederdeutsch mett für „[gehacktes] Schweinefleisch ohne Speck“ bzw. altsächsisch meti für „Speise“)

Snooker said...

OMG! I went to the "worm within" site and was pulled into the story by the lovely writing and oh, so "how did it work out" feeling of the thing. THEN I got all involved in the comments section and ... well... half an hour later, here I am; thoroughly grossed out, and happy that I have no worms, crabs, lice or other creepy crawly things.

Oh, and Hackepeter. Love it. But Sweet No shits a brick every time I admit to eating it. She warns me of the worm too.

cliff1976 said...

Nicht vergessen!

Aus Hackepeter wird Kacke später.

Michael said...

Here in Westphalia we call it Mett. As far as I know it`s called Mett in most parts of Germany.