Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Real story of the Berlin Wall fall...

I have alluded to this before but the politics of how the Berlin Wall eventually came tumbling down are fascinating.

Matthew Yglesias has a short recap here. The more detailed story is here from Michael Tomasky but be prepared to register (for free) in order to read the entire article.

The Berlin Wall taken by our friends J & R on their recent visit

Remember, this year is the 20th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down. Berlin has planned many events and you can find more information in another post I wrote recently.

Update: Here is a really interesting article from the NY Times about the former East German population decreasing. Read it and then watch the video.

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Carol said...

My twins -- the grandchildren of a German Jew from Chemnitz -- were born on the day the Berlin Wall fell (11/9/89), during the actual HOURS when it fell.

It's so appropriate that their birth, which took place a full 45 years after his fortuitous escape from a labor camp, marks a day of freedom and new beginnings.