Monday, June 8, 2009

Unplug Your Kids - Homemade

We are back! The Unplug Your Kids theme this week was homemade. I had originally bookmarked this project and had been waiting for the right moment. This weekend seemed to work as Berlin decided to become cold and rainy and outside activities didn't seem that appealing.

We decided to first assemble all of the materials.

watercolor paints- check
paintbrush - check
white coffee filter - check
Derek from Thomas & Friends - check
favorite stuffed dog - check

We are ready to go!

We decided to make colorful jellyfish and you can find directions here. Besides looking like a fun project, Baby Bird loves to look at the pictures of jellyfish in a National Geographic Ocean book we have.

White coffee filters were harder to come by than one would have thought here in Berlin. Germans love their unbleached brown coffee filters! This is fine with me but it makes them harder to paint. I did find some eventually but I also noticed the coffee filters were a different size and shape and I wasn't sure exactly how they would work.

He got to painting jellyfish number 1...

and busy painting jellyfish number 2.

He also learned how to clean the brush after each color.

Then I let the coffee filters dry.

The next day, when it was nice and dry, we punched holes for the legs. Baby Bird insisted on using the hole puncher himself. He went a little hole punch crazy but hey - jellyfish have a lot of legs, right?

We varied from the directions and used pipe cleaners (for you oldies out there) but I think they are called chenille strips now.

I then attached thread at the top so we could hang it up. He was so proud of his jellyfish, we tried to call the grandparents to tell them. We didn't reach them but he did leave a message about "jellyfish." (Now you know!)

This was a fun project and I think we might even make this again! For more ideas with the theme homemade, see Unplug Your Kids.

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Gracey said...

Great idea - so creative, and it seems that they had a lot of fun!