Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unplug Your Kids - Slippery

This week's Unplug Your Kids theme was slippery. Baby Bird and I decided to make a picture with...slippery spaghetti!

I cooked some spaghetti and put a tiny bit of oil in it so it wouldn't stick. I gave him some glue on plastic wrap and a toothpick. He picked the color of the paper and we began.

I showed him how to put some glue on the toothpick and spread the glue around. He then preceded to lay the noodles down on the glue. All good right?

Baby Bird- why are you eating your art project?????

Even though we had just eaten a nice snack, I couldn't get him to stop eating the pasta! Luckily, he didn't want the glued on type...

We decided to take a break and let the glue dry. I had planned on painting it next but Baby Bird had other plans.

No, he didn't eat the pasta but he sure enjoyed taking it off! (When you take your eyes off of them for 2 seconds)

We tried to make another one the next day but he again wanted to eat the pasta! I managed to take a picture of it before he again, took it apart before we could paint it.

We still had fun and I guess that is what counts.

I found this a difficult medium to work with. When the pasta dried, it was very stiff and made the page curve. If anyone has had success with pasta art, please let me know.

And yes, I feed my son. Quite well. :)


This Girl loves to Talk said...

what a great idea!!very slippery and outside the box idea

i suppose the end product doesnt really matter as much as the journey of creativeness (I have many of my girls projects that end up in the bin!!)

christie said...

Dip the spaghetti in paint and slop it around on the page. I haven't done it, but I've seen it in books and such.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Nothing wrong with a little spaghetti and glue for a snack ;)

We are in town for the Velothon on Sunday (hubby's participating) so we are doing stuff centered around that. I'm just excited to be returning to Berlin. I love the city.

Michael said...

I have another idea to unplug your kid:
walking barefoot

If you want to make a field trip, try barefoot path Dannenwalde. You can go there by train!

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School for Us said...

What a great idea! It looks like he had a lot of fun. :-)

Michie said...

I believe it is the process, not the product that is important. Of course, as a perfectionist, I also would have been upset that my daughter wasn't doing it "right" if she took the pasta off before we could paint it. I'm trying to learn to just let her do her own thing sometimes - good for you for letting him just enjoy the process. :)