Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What is better than a Pirate Playground?

I have blogged before about what lovely different playgrounds Berlin has but this one has got to take the cake.

This playground is near the Spree River in Charlottenburg. It has everything a little pirate needs.

Being a pirate can't be all about looting and booty can it? On this ship, you can also relax with a Tischtennis or Ping Pong table.

A look out area so even the littlest pirates can watch out for invaders. (Although my little pirate wouldn't go any higher than what you see in the picture)

A very shaky plank to walk on...(Can you see the basketball court in the background?)

And even swings!

We found Baby Bird's little kita pirate friend here too! She happily pushed Baby Bird and then made him walk the plank...

Watch out for the skeletons? Baby Bird refused to take his sunglasses off.

And when you are done, you can eat at this Piraten restaurant across the street (who had a pirate standing out front until I went to take a picture). They even offer a Sunday buffet breakfast as well as kids parties! (Although I was told the coffee there is Blech! and that was from a German who, generally, should not be trusted about coffee recommendations)

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr me mateys!


Adam said...

What a cool plazground

One of my favorite ones growing up was a dinosaur themed one in Denver.

I still think about it at times.

Amber Liddle said...

When we were in Berlin we noticed the ping pong tables in the parks. I thought that was the coolest/strangest thing to have at a park! The pirate theme is pretty cool.

Yelli said...

@ Adam - Dinosaur playground? I want to go there!

@Amber - The pirate theme is cool!

I have to admit that though, I have just gotten used to the ping pong tables everywhere. Did you also live in Berlin?