Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eine Deutsche Hochzeit

Not me of course! I just celebrated 5 years with my favorite Scientist. However, we are flying to München on Thursday to celebrate my friend V's wedding!

V is a good (German) friend of mine who I met while doing an exchange outside of München in the 11th grade. We have kept in touch (albeit barely) over the years but now that I am in Germany, we have seen each other twice!

I was so honored that she invited me to her wedding. However, that happiness soon changed into anxiety!

What will I wear? What to expect? What is an appropriate gift? How will I understand anything in Bayerisch (the local southern German dialect)? Do I really have to wear Tracht? (Tracht is dirndl & lederhosen)

I am very excited about experiencing more German culture. I have asked around and been told that Germans play a lot of games at their weddings. The games seemed similar to games played at wedding showers in the States.

I have also heard German couples saw wood together. I don't know anything about this and the only thing I could find was this picture on Google Picture Search.

If you have any tips for me, please leave them in the comments. I won't be back until next Tuesday but will be excited to report back what I saw!

Until then, Pfiati!


Amber Liddle said...

My husband and I went to a German wedding a few years ago. They didn't saw wood, but they had to cut out a heart that was painted on a sheet. With nail scissors! Then they walked through, symbolizing their unity or something. But I think it's the same idea--working together.

Other than that, it seemed like a typical wedding.

mehrgedanken said...

Griaß Di!
Most wedding customs vary town by town, although one thing common in Bavaria is for the best man to "kidnap" the bride sometime during the reception and take her to a nice restaurant/kaffee along with some other members of the wedding party. The groom then has to:
1. Find her
2. Ransom her by paying everyone's tab when he finds her (the sooner he finds her, the less he has to pay).

Hope you had fun!

Michael said...

Lucid in deutschland described the wood sawing in her blog:
"It is a symbol of how the married couple can overcome obstacles, under the Motto “Together we are strong”."

Michael said...

Wood sawing, Robert Redford did it too
(scroll to picture 9)